III - Game mechanics

Basic Event roll

The Event Roll forms the second part of a PC's turn, after the Movement Roll. In cases where the Movement Roll has not been made (either due to the PC's chose not to move or because he is involved in a Fight, injured or in any other circumstance that prevents him from moving), the Event Roll will be made directly, regardless of whether that PC has already made an Event Roll on that same Eido in the previous turn.

The Event Roll is resolved differently if the PC is on land, moving on the surface of the sea, or flying through the air.

Basic Event Roll (on land or underwater)

The PC rolls 1d6 and the GM applies the results as follows:

  • Result of 1 on the die: The GM will check if any of the lost Coins are in that Eido. If so, the PC will get it automatically, unless the GM has foreseen that to obtain it a Test must be passed. If there is no Coin in that Eido, the GM will reveal to the players a Clue about its location.
  • Roll of 2: The PC finds a Treasure (Ts). The GM will consult his Game Direction Sheet. In case it had been noted that in that Eido there is a Friendly NPC, a Friendly Animal or an object of value (talisman, tool, weapon...), it will be presented to the PC. Otherwise, the GM will improvise a plant or animal of a generic nature that can occur in that Eido and that will be beneficial to that PC (that is, a Positive Plant or a Friendly Animal) or, at least, of a neutral nature. For this, GM can consult the Fauna Table of the Four Archipelagos or the Character Sheets on this website. Once the Treasure is presented to the PC, he or she can interact with it through an Animal Communication Roll or a Mount Control Roll, in the case of animals; or through the resolution of a Test - if the GM has determined so - in case the Treasure found is an NPC, plant or valuable object.
  • Die result of 3-4: Nothing happens (unless there is a Trap in that Eido, in which case it is activated).
  • Die result of 5: The PC encounters a Threat (Amz). The GM will review his Game Direction Sheet. In case it was noted that in that Eido there is a Hostile NPC or a Hostile Animal, he will present it to the PC. If he has not wrote down anything, he will improvise a Hostile Animal or Negative Plant - or neutral, if he does not find the dangerous one - that can occur in that Eido, using the same resources as those mentioned for the Result of 2 in the die roll. Once the Threat is presented, if it is a Hostile Animal, the PC may try to avoid being attacked by it by making a Communication Roll, or by passing the Test that the GM might have planned. If the Threat is an NPC, the PC will only have the option of the GM's eventual Test, using his ability to escape, or engaging the Threat in hand-to-hand combat. In the case of Negative Plants, only passing a Test will prevent damage.
  • Die result of 6: The PC suffers an Accident (Acc). If the GM does not have any Test planned that could give him a chance to be saved, the PC must make an Accident Roll.