A role playing game inspired in the Atlantic Isles of Galicia

Discover the fauna and flora from the point of view of the animals themselves

Experience the history and archaeological secrets of the islands

Participate in a magical world inspired in our folklore

Grants to the area of ​​socioeconomic influence of the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia.

Grants to the area of ​​socioeconomic influence of the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia.

What is Illas das Marabillas?

Illas das Marabillas is a collaborative board game set in the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia.

The game has four versions: Cíes Islands, Ons Island, Sálvora Island and Cortegada Island. Each of these versions has a different board and different characters, but they all share a common rulebook and background. 

In each archipelago, players can choose their character between two types of magical beings, inspired by the folklore of the islands and estuaries in which they are located. Each of them is specially adapted to an ecosystem, has physical characteristics (size, speed and agility in different types of terrain or in the sea) and certain species of animals with which  to whom is friend of.

Goal of the game

The objective of the games is to locate seven ancient coins lost in the marine area and in the land area of ​​the Islands. One of the participants in the game will assume the role of Game Master (GM), and will present to the others, as they move around the board, all types of treasures or threats inspired by nature, history and legends that surround the game. this territory. The GM will also provide information about the weather and tides, which have repercussions on the mechanics of the games; and you will be able to subject the players to questions or tests in exchange for giving them clues and gifts that will help them in their mission to find the lost coins.

Thus, players (referred to in the regulations as PCs, Playing Persons or Player Characters) will be able to access corners that in many cases are closed to human beings. On their own foot, or on the back of different species of terrestrial, aquatic and flying animals, they will discover the green and blue-tinged life of the seabed, they will ascend with the seagulls next to the formidable rock walls to the skies where flies the wind that howls in the coastal caves, and will run over the rocks, beaches, gorse fields and heaths to the secret heart of the forests. They will do so adopting the point of view of insects and birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and marine species; with the magical gaze typical of the people of Faerie,, the one that allows us to glimpse monsters and other fantastic beings invisible to human eyes.

An open game

Although Illas das Marabillas can be defined as a board role-playing game, from the point of view of the regulations and the possibilities it offers it fits into what is known in the world of board and digital games as one sandbox, that is, a background with a set of tools from which the people involved can develop their way of playing with great flexibility. Beyond the basic regulations, which can be completed or modified with complete freedom, this website will show proposals on how to carry out adaptations or extensions of the game, including ideas for its use in classrooms and the organization of macro games by combining boards from different archipelagos. You will also find information about the background and sheets of fauna, flora, new magical beings and elements that can serve as equipment for the characters. 

The basic philosophy is that, to the extent that it is inspired by a shared heritage, Illas das Marabillas also belongs to people who might want to delve into its secrets. For this reason, everyone is invited to complete the repertoire of plants, characters and animals that populate these archipelagos, both at the level of their physical and tangible heritage, which must be respected and collected with the greatest possible fidelity, and at the level of the imaginary. of the legends and folklore of the islands and surrounding areas, in which the new generations, as participants in a culture that is their own, can be an active and (re)creative part.

A set of 4 games

Illas das Marabillas is a collection of 4 games, each focused on an archipelago of the National Park, with a different board, which can function both autonomously, in games restricted to a single archipelago, and combined in macro games.

from 2 to five players per board

Macro games that use several boards at the same time can accommodate a larger number of participants, who can travel between islands.

Adjustable duration games

Games can last from 1 hour to several sessions. Thanks to the turn system it is possible to record the status of the game to resume it at another time.

For all ages from 12 years old

The game can be used with a higher or lower level of complexity, depending on the maturity and interests of the players. The Game Director can design more “superficial” or more “serious” games, he or she can adapt the game for more “casual” or more “veteran” role-playing game participants.

Adaptation for its use in Secondary Education

The game is specially designed to be able to convey curricular content during the games. At many points in the game it is possible to incorporate questions (“enigmas”) that players must answer to obtain prizes or avoid penalties.

Contains a map of the hiking routes available in the isles

The back of the board includes a map with the hiking routes and areas of interest on the islands. Thanks to the material it is made of, a flexible, roll-up and water-resistant tarp, it can be taken on visits to the islands.

Kinds of playable magical beings

Kinds of non playable magical beings


Species of birds

Species of sea animals

Species of land invertebrates

Species of amphibians

Species of reptiles

Species of mammals

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