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An immersive game that allows you to delve deeper into the natural heritage of the Islands

Discover the fauna and flora from the point of view of the animals themselves

Experience the history and archaeological secrets of the islands

Participate in a magical world inspired in our folklore

The protagonists of the game, like all the magical beings that appear, live in close relationship with the fauna and flora of the different areas of the Park. Through them, the direction of the Game Master and their own imagination, the players will be able to discover the secrets of the islands beyond accessible areas for visitors. Thus, they will be able to experience what it means to immerse themselves with octopuses and dolphins among the gorgonian or laminaria algae forests; They will explore the sandy bottoms and the sea caves where bats sleep; They will know what it is like to fly over the waves with shearwaters or make risky dives with gannets in the open sea; They will swim with the otters to the sandy beaches, and they will be able to follow the mazes among the gorse like a ladder snake or an ocellated lizard. Those who might choose the tiny folk of the oestrimios will be able to perch on the flowers of Sálvora with swallowtail and harlequin butterflies, and explore the forests of sea thrift following the caravan of ants... 

The approach of the game allows you to discover every corner of the park, from every point of view. 

English (UK)