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Valuation of material and ethnographic heritage

Discover the fauna and flora from the point of view of the animals themselves

Experience the history and archaeological secrets of the islands

Participate in a magical world inspired in our folklore

The game is woven with events that lay halfway between old chronicles and legends: some characters live under hillforts, know the secrets of Roman sites, are capable of using petroglyphs for magical purposes and remember the location of ancient castles and defensive towers. . . The ruined homes, the traditional boats (gamelas of Cíes, dornas of Ons, bucetas of Arousa...) get a new meaning in the fantastic plane that these beings inhabit. Even the enigmatic Laxe do Crego, the Mouros tunnel and the Bell Rock, without forgetting unique trees such as the Stone-eater Oak or Big Pine of Cortegada, acquire relevance during the game.

English (UK)